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Going Social… The pros and cons of using Social Media to job hunt.

So you are looking for a new job. How do you go about finding the right company and role for you? Working closely with a specialist recruitment consultancy is a great starting point. They will get to know you, your likes, dislikes and career aspirations.

However, if you fancy going it alone and finding yourself a dream job, social media can be a great way to connect with people, find companies and really increase your professional profile. But beware.. there are also a few pitfalls to using social media. Below we explore some of these pros and cons to help you when on the hunt.


  • Great way to stay connected. You can find jobs, contacts and increase your professional profile

  • You can find companies you may not have heard of before, or jobs you may otherwise have not seen.

  • Social Media can be used as an additional research tool. You can find additional information out about companies, their employees and beliefs, which you may not have seen on their website.

  • Most companies want to see their employees have a professional profile of some sort and are up to speed with the digital space.

  • Social media platforms are constantly being updated so you can usually see up to date roles, contacts and news. More so than a company website.


  • It is very easy to give the wrong impression on social media.

  • A prospective employer can see all of your social activity. Including personal pictures, likes, dislikes and statuses. Even the smallest thing can hinder your chances or give off the wrong impression.

  • It can be time consuming scrolling and searching through companies, contacts and roles. Before you know it hours have passed and you’re busy looking at pictures of cats! You need to keep on top of who you have connected with and which roles you have applied for.

  • Unlike a CV, your social media profiles can stay in cyberspace for years. Even if you delete them, they still exist somewhere.


Here are just a few of our hints and tips when using social media to job hunt.

  • Make sure the information you want to share on social media is consistent.

  • Ensure the content you are sharing has no spelling or grammar mistakes and would not be deemed inappropriate to a potential employer.

  • Make sure anything you don’t want seen by a potential employer is locked down. Most social platforms have privacy settings and you can change these accordingly.

  • Have a plan. Make sure you know which roles you have applied to so you can follow up on them. Do your research to ensure you are connecting, sharing, posting with the right people.

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