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Counter Offers - Stay or Go?

Counter offers – stay or go?

So you have decided to leave your current job. You have gone through the task of getting

your CV together, reaching out to Recruiters, interviewing and finding a new role. When

telling your current employer you are leaving they counter offer and want you to stay. What

should you do?

There are many things to consider when being counter offered. It is your career so ensure

you know all the pros and cons before you proceed.

More money?

You have been offered more money to say. Great, you have been wanting a step up for a

while. However, it is also worth considering, it has taken you handing in your notice to get

the salary you deserve

Why are you leaving?

Think about your initial reasons for leaving the company. Are these likely to change in the

future. If so, for how long?

They know!

If you have gone through the process of handing in your notice and being counter-offered,

your current employer knows you aren’t happy. How will this affect your position with the

company moving forwards?

Next time

Think about 3, 6, 12 months down the line and what you will do then. Going through a

counter offer twice isn’t going to sit well with your Employer and will definitely burn

bridges, if not already. Have you put yourself in a position to discuss for changes down the

line if you have already accepted a counter offer?

If you are looking for advice or support – we are here to help. Give the team at Curteis Webb a call on 01892 263 359

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