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Personality Profiles - What are they?

Here at Curteis Webb Recruitment we have seen an increase in companies ask prospective Employees to undertake a Personality Profile. This is a way for Employers to see how well you will fit in with the team, strengths, weaknesses and what type of personality you have.

Intrigued about your personality profile? There are 100’s of online sites to take the test. We, (Alexia and Suzanne) of Curteis Webb completed ours on and the results were interesting. Here’s a little more on us..


Personality type: “The Consul: (ESFJ-A) - Later in life, ESFJs continue to enjoy supporting their friends and loved ones, organising social gatherings and doing their best to make sure everyone is happy.

Individual Traits: Extraverted 58%

Observant 69%

Feeling 64%

Assertive 57%

Role: Sentinel

Strategy: People Mastery


Personality type: “Defender” (ISFJ) Are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness ‘in’ excess and engaging the work and people they believe in, with enthusiasm and generosity.

Individual Traits: Extraverted 49%

Observant 58%

Feeling 73%

Assertive 72%

Role: Sentinel

Strategy: Confident Individualism

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