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Do you have an office pet? Here at Curteis Webb we do and his name is Buddy! He loves nothing more than curling up by our feet, taking lots of naps and greeting guest!

If your office has a no pet policy, tell them about some of the benefits and hopefully change their mind!

Reduces stress: Animals have been known to reduce stress. Imagine having a really bad day or meeting and being greeted by a friendly face, wagging its tail – instant happiness!

Exercise: If you have an office dog taking them for lunchtime walks is great exercise, clears the head and makes way for a productive afternoon.

Team work: Animals are a great way to bring people together and encourage conversations.

They won’t be left alone – Instead of being at home all day on their own, your pet will get the attention of everyone in the office and sleep very at night.

Increases productivity: You may think an office pet would be a distraction, however taking regular breaks to play with your pet and take it for walks increases productivity in workers and leaves them feeling refreshed.

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