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What to take to an interview?

When attending an interview, ‘be prepared’ is our motto. You will have thoroughly researched the company, reviewed the job specification and prepared some well thought out questions.

What you actually take to an interview is also important. Below are some of the key things we believe you should take.

Confirmation: Your confirmation of interview on who you will be meeting, address and other important information.

Your CV: The interviewer will have already seen a copy, but it is always good to have another one to hand. You can specifically refer to areas of experience, elaborate on roles in more detail. Or even provide the interviewer with another copy if they don’t have this to hand.

Pad and Pen: During the interview you may want to jot down some key points or discussion points. However, at the interview you should also be engaging, so don’t spend too much time with you head down writing. The pad will also have your pre-prepared questions written down.

Job Specification: Hopefully you would have received a copy of this before the interview. Take this with you so you can have a refresh beforehand and also relate your experience to in the interview.

Depending on the type of position you are going for it may also be worthwhile taking a portfolio of work with you. This is particularly relevant to those in creative industries. Other items could also include client testimonials, letters of commendation and awards – they make great talking points!

If you are attending an interview soon and would like advice give the team a call on 01892 263 359 or pop an email to . We have a helpful ‘interview hints and tips’ guide we can send you.

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