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Which Type of Business Is Best For You?

When you begin your search for a new job, there are lots of factors to consider. What does the role entail? Do my skills match the requirements? Where is the company located? What is the salary and package?

It is also very important to consider what type of business is right for you. We have explored a few areas to take into consideration before you start your search.

Do your research on all the different types of companies out there and what appeals to you and your skillset. We have had many conversations with people who hadn’t even considered certain industries, or even knew they existed. Does the company’s values and beliefs match those of your own? You can often find this information on their website, detailing their past, present and future goals.

The culture and atmosphere of a business is also a key consideration. You will spend the majority of your time at work, so want to make sure it is somewhere you are happy and progress in your career. It is often hard to gage the culture of a business before you begin, but this is certainly a question you can ask at interview or view for yourself.

Think about the type of environment, which suits you better. Do you work well being situated in individual office spaces/desks or in an open plan area? Do you prefer a more corporate environment or somewhere, which is creative? Every person works differently and ensuring you know what works best for you, will help with your search.

Searching for a new job can be time consuming and you want to make sure you are applying and interviewing for those, which are best for you. If you would like to explore opportunities and find out more about the type of companies out there, give the team at Curteis Webb a call on 01892 263 359 or email us at

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