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All I Want For Christmas...

So we are in the final month of 2016. Soon we will be heading into a New Year full of hope, prospects and opportunities. As you look back over the year are there things you would change or goals for 2017?

We review some of the top things people wish they could change about their jobs – and how to go about achieving them.

More money

Are you looking for a pay rise? If so, before you walk into your boss’s office demanding more money – make sure you are prepared and have done your research.

  • Write down reasons why you feel you deserve a pay rise (points relevant to the role and your position).

  • Know your value and what similar roles are paying in your area

  • Be professional and choose the right moment to speak with your boss. Consider booking in a meeting.

A promotion

Again, ensure you are prepared for a conversation and have thoroughly done your research and written down everything you want to speak about.

  • Make sure the right people know you are looking for a promotion. Enthusiasm and dedication go a long way.

  • Keep up to date with what opportunities are coming up in the company

  • Ensure you are constantly learning new skills and progressing.

  • Is there actually room to grow and be promoted in your current company?

More responsibility

If you are looking to take on more responsibility at work, great! Your Employer will love your enthusiasm and dedication to the Company. Here are a couple of way’s to go about increasing your responsibilities

  • Speak with your Boss and see if there are an additional tasks or projects you can tackle.

  • See what other Employees are struggling with and if you can assist them

  • Know your strengths and which area’s you can help with


Feel all your hard work is not being noticed? If people feel encouraged and praised for the work they do, they will continue to do it. Simple!

  • Track and monitor your accomplishments so you know what you have achieved

  • Make sure you come out of the shadows and are noticed

  • Keep up to date on your industry and what is happening – become an expert in your field

  • Praise others – positivity spreads.

Looking for new job in 2017? Give us a call on 01892 263 359. Here at Curteis Webb we specialise in Marketing, Creative, Digital and PR Jobs across the South East.

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