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How to write a Job Description…

Great news, you have decided you need a new member for your team, now it’s time to write a job description. You need to define how this role fits into the team, what this person will be doing and how they’re going to contribute to the wider business. If you don’t know, how can you expect the person your going to hire to?

The Job Title…

This needs to give a good idea of what the role is, keep it simple, keep it right for the sector.If you’re looking for an Account Manager call it that, you can call them whatever you like once they’re in the team but your job spec needs to be simple.

The Background…

This is where you think about why you need this role, what’s the key aim of this position, how does is contribute to the wider business? How does this role fit with the existing team – are they joining a team or working alone? Who do they report into and who are they responsible for? What is the opportunity for the future, where could this role go?

The JOB…

What are they going to be doing, what is the job you’re asking of them?Think about this in terms of overall responsibilities and then break it down into the tasks they need to do day to day to achieve.Are there any other responsibilities they have to the company as a whole?This is the part that potential candidates will look at to access whether they have the experience to apply, so if there are areas you will offer training or support in then say so.

Location, Hours, Travel…

Where is this job based?Are they in the office or home based or field based?What are your core hours and is there flexibility, how many hours a week is this role?Will this job involve travel and if so how often and where to?

Salary and Package…

Best to put a salary bracket here and base it on the successful candidates experience.If you have a bonus or commission structure in place then say what it is.It’s not all about money so give details of the benefits package too.

Your Business…

Every company has a different culture, ambition and values.Give the candidate an overview on you, your achievements, what you’re aiming for.This will help you attract the right person, think why would they want to work for you?

If you’d like any extra guidance on job descriptions, person specification or adverts then just give us a call and we’ll happily walk you through the process or provide you with templates to work from.

You can find us at or call the office on 01892 263 359 and ask for Alexia or Suzanne.

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