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Internships and How To Get One

Internships are a great opportunity to gain valuable commercial experience. Some are paid, some are for the experience. Internships can be anything from a week to a year – to help you get more experience and that step towards your dream career. Here are some tips to landing a great internship.

Do your research:

Where do you want to work and why? This is a question you should ask yourself before you begin to apply for internships. Companies will want to know why you want to join them. Does the company fit with your career goals, what can you learn in the position and what value can you add? By answering these questions, you will help narrow down, which companies you want to target.

Stand out from the crowd.

Some companies receive hundreds of applications for internships, so you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Research who you should approach and the best method to do so. If required create a well worded letter or email explaining what you love about the company, what you are looking to learn and what traits you have to make you the ideal intern. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try something different to get their attention.

Be prepared:

Ensure you have everything ready should the company ask for more information. If you are a creative, do you have a portfolio of work ready? Do you have references you can get from previous employers or your School/University?

Follow up;

Don’t be afraid to follow up on an application you have made. This will show you are organised and keen on the internship. Allow a couple of days to pass and politely enquire if they received your application.

If you would like to talk about potential internships within the Marketing, PR, Digital and Creative space give the team at Curteis Webb a call on 01892 263 359. We work with some great companies across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London.

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