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How to Retain Top Talent

Finding talented professionals can be hard. Keeping them can often be harder. Your business is only as strong as the people in it – so ensuring you are retaining your top talent is critical. A high turnover of staff can be extremely costly. So consider, what do your staff want from their careers and working environments?

Packages and Incentives:

  • Offering your staff an attractive benefit package adds value to their role. This can include pension, healthcare, gym memberships, bonuses and holiday allowance. Is your benefit package competitive to other firms?

  • Incentives are also great way to motivate your staff. These can be tailored for the whole team or individually.

Promotion and Advancement:

  • Are you offering your employees the opportunities to progress and develop in their career’s? Not only up the ranks, but in their own personal development.

  • Many organisations provide additional training for staff, which adds to their skillset, but in turn benefits your business.

  • Ensure your staff are aware of what promotions and development is available and encourage them to achieve this.

Working Environment:

  • It may not be a top priority as a Business Owner to ensure the space you work in is nicely decorated or has all the right amenities. However, your employee’s spend a lot of time at the office and you want them to feel stimulated and happy

  • Your office space can have a big effect on your staff’s mood and performance.

Praise and Recognition:

  • It may sound like an obvious thing to do – but, praising and recognising your Staff’s achievements is essential. Ensuring employee’s feel valued is a key way to ensure they stay with you.

Mission Statement:

  • Does your Company have a Mission Statement? What are the goals for the Company and are your staff aware of these? Ensuring you all have something to work towards will promote team morale and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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