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What to wear to an interview

Congratulations, you have secured an interview. Now to decide what to wear. Sounds simple, but here are a few things to consider before you start raiding your wardrobe.

Present the best version of yourself.

You want to be seen as Professional and show you take the opportunity and interview seriously. Ensure your outfit is ironed, clean and well presented. First impressions count. Even if this means shaving, getting a hair cut or taming those locks (something I can relate to!)

Be organised:

The day of the interview you want to allow plenty of time to get there and read through any notes you have taken. If possible, plan your outfit a few days in advance so there is no additional stress in the morning.

What do they wear at the office?

If the employees wear jeans and t-shirts to work – doesn’t mean you wear this to interview. Again, be the best version of you. They will want to see you are keen, have made an effort and also can dress professionally when required (client meetings etc). However, do your research on the company and don’t be afraid to add your personality to your outfit. Some companies always dress in corporate attire (business suits), however other companies may have a more relaxed feel.

Make sure you are comfortable:

An interview outfit may not be your usual attire, but make sure you feel comfortable in it. You want to concentrate on the interview itself, not how your silk blouse is making you hot or jacket is too uncomfortable. If you are comfortable this will shine through.

Best of luck to anyone attending an interview. Our motto’s are “be prepared” and it is always best to be “overdressed than underdressed”

For any advice on attending a job interview, give the team at Curteis Webb a call on 01892 263 359 or pop us an email at

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