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Going on Holiday?  Here’s how to switch off...

With Holiday season quickly approaching we hope you’ve got some time booked out from the office to enjoy a well-deserved break. Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, planning a staycation or taking some time out at home here are our tips for successfully planning your annual leave and making the most of your time out.

Do a good handover:

You know when you’re going away so do your best to tie up any loose ends and make sure your colleagues know what needs doing in a simple and easy format. Ask them to give you an update when you return. Let the people you deal with know in the lead up to going away, they may bring some work forward to give you extra time before you go or suggest making a start when you’re back.

Set expectations…

Here we switch off, we know the value of time out and we make sure that the person going away is left to enjoy themselves. But if you are in a situation where this is not possible then set a time, perhaps a couple of times a week rather than being always available. Make sure you out of office is on.

Keep off your phone and laptop

If your work and personal phone are combined then turn it off whilst you’re out and about – the vibration of an e-mail is enough to draw you back to the office. If you can, do as we do and separate your work and personal phone - leave it at the office. Try to stay off your e-mail on your lap top too – it’s too tempting to check in and what you see will undoubtedly play on your mind.

Understand the importance of time out and have fun

Time out will help you regain focus in life in general, not just work. You’ll be rejuvenated, with a clear head ready to make space for all your future ideas. Make sure you have fun, enjoy yourself, do something different. You’ll soon switch off and forget your worries

Get perspective

If you feel like none of this is possible and you have to be on hand to manage work whilst away then maybe its time to look at something new. Take some perspective, spending time with friends and family is essential to a happy life, make some changes to make sure that your next holiday is just that, a proper break.

Enjoy yourselves – Happy Holidays!

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