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Recruitment - What do we do?

What do we do?

Whether you are seeking a new job or looking to hire talent for your team, one of your first point of calls may be a Recruitment Company. If you have never used one before, it can be a little daunting, so here we explain, what we at Curteis Webb Recruitment do.

Looking for a Job

  • Using a Recruitment company when you are seeking a new job is completely free. You will not be charged for registering your CV with them or when they assist you in finding a job.

  • There are thousands of Recruitment Companies in the UK and many who specialise within particular industry sectors – like us! Reach out to those who can assist in your area of expertise.

  • Be honest. A Recruiter wants to assist you in finding the right role for you. So be honest in terms of what you are looking for; salary, location, package, promotion, reason for leaving current company etc. We ask a lot of questions to ensure we are telling you about the right roles.

  • A Recruitment Company should never send your CV to anyone without your permission. Keeping track of where your CV is being sent is essential.

  • If they have a role to discuss with you, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You want to ensure this is the right role for you. Make sure you know the Company name, have a link to their website, package details, promotion opportunities and a full job description.

  • Feedback honestly after interview’s. If you have concerns, highlight these. A Recruiter can ask the difficult questions you may not have wanted to at interview.

  • Keep in touch. Tell the Recruiter if you have any changes in your circumstance or have secured a new role.

Looking to Hire:

  • Choose a Recruitment Agency who you can partner well with. Essentially, they will become your recruitment PR department, creating a positive feeling from candidates about your business – something they will tell their friends about.

  • Negotiate a fee you are comfortable with and ensure you are getting value for money.

  • Arrange a meeting with your Recruiter where possible. If they are able to see the working environment, this will help when discussing the role with potential Candidates.

  • Ensure you have a full job description. A Recruitment Agency can often help with this if required. A job description outlines the duties and responsibilities of the role and provides the Recruiter with additional information on the skills required for the role

  • Once the role has been fully briefed, your Recruiter will start sourcing relevant candidates for you. This is done through various methods including advertising, social media, their database and direct approaches.

  • Your Recruiter should keep in regular contact, sending CV’s, updating on the search and highlighting any area’s of difficulty. It is an honest partnership, which requires open and transparent communication.

  • Be honest with feedback on potential Candidates – this will help the Recruiter tailor their search and continue finding suitable talent. It is also highly beneficial to the person interviewing.

  • Your Recruiter will organise interviews, ensure candidates are prepared, manage the offer stage and take references when required

  • A Recruiter’s job does not finish when your new Employee starts. They will be keeping in regular contact with yourself and the Candidate to ensure everyone is happy and they have settled in well.

Recruitment is a partnership from both sides – the Client and the Candidate. Open, honest and transparent communication is key. If you would like to talk to Curteis Webb about looking for staff or finding a new job give us a call on 01892 516 139.

We specialise in the areas of Marketing, PR, Digital, Creative and Sales jobs across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London.

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