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Employee Benefits - What should you be offering?

With more than a third admitting that perks and benefits is their top consideration when accepting a new job it’s not surprising that our clients are now talking about more than pensions, health and holiday allowance.

So, what are they offering and which benefits are important in 2018?

Releasing potential

Training and career development opportunities remains a front runner. From allocated training budgets to guaranteed training days, leadership and mentoring programmes releasing the potential of your team and keeping them engaged, constantly learning and progressing is key.

Freedom and Flexibility

It could include flexi-time, compressed work weeks, home based working or career breaks/sabbaticals. More than anything we are hearing that employees want flexibility, a mature working environment where they can manage their own diaries, ensure that the work gets done but do it in a more flexible way.

Wellness Initiatives…

Having a happy and healthy workforce will only have a positive impact on productivity and work culture. Whilst help with a gym membership is a great start, employees are looking for a more personalised approach that encompasses body and mind. Perhaps an annual health check with actionable goals to work towards, group exercising or healthy eating initiatives, workshops to deal with stress, counselling or mediation classes?

Financial Education…

With financial problems being a key feeder of stress, it makes sense to include financial advice and education as an employee benefit. From advice on pensions to saving and budgeting it’s a positive step to helping your employees. Some businesses are now offering “help funds” to provide assistance to staff at times of financial need.


Bonuses, one off payments for excellent performance, half days for achievements or vouchers will always be a perk for employees.

Whilst these benefits will help secure talent and ensure employee happiness you’ll also be guaranteed to see the benefit in your business. Done in the right way broader benefits can lead to a boost in employee morale, increased productivity, loyalty and dedication, as well as contributing to a great place to work.

If you’re thinking of reviewing your benefits packages then the best place to start is to ask your employees what’s important to them. Find out where they find value in your current benefits and what would help them for the future.

And make sure you promote your benefits – spell out the key features and value your benefits provide. With over a third of candidates stating this is their most important factor when considering accepting a new job you can’t afford not to.

If you’re still not sure then why not get in touch with us, we talk to so many businesses hiring in marketing, PR, digital and creative we know the industry standards. We’re also Kent based so understand the local market and are always on hand to offer some friendly advice. Contact us on

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